What started out as a “Once in a Lifetime Hunt” ended up with both my father and I planning for our second trip well before the first one was over. I had the fortune to book my first African Plains Game Safari with Johan and Zelda of Ibamba Safaris. Ibamba Safaris was a pleasure to work with; from the very moment we discussed/purchased the hunt to the minute we had to say good-bye after the eight day safari. From the beginning of our trip, they patiently answered all of our questions, offered suggestions and made us feel at home before we even arrived in South Africa. Our every need was planned far ahead of time and our every wish was fulfilled. Because of their diligence and willingness to go out of their way before we arrived, we could tell that this was going to be an outstanding adventure, and we were not disappointed.

The accommodations along with the food and the staff were truly first rate, exceeded our expectations and set the tone for the rest of the trip OUTSTANDING! The feeling that comes with waking up and seeing nyala grazing near the villa is one that must be experienced because the description will fall short. Johan’s knowledge of the wildlife and habitat along with his ability to teach was amazing. We looked forward to each new day like we were first time hunters. His daily plans were well thought out, yet he was flexible to alter his planned route if we wanted to remain longer at a particular site or skip one completely. He even made special arrangements to accommodate my father’s desire to rifle hunt while I would be primarily bow hunting. Zelda was the gracious host and her professionalism and her unending desire to ensure we enjoyed our stay was truly appreciated. She met us in the morning and at the end of each day ensuring that all of our needs were met, even booking two unplanned excursions (getting gifts for Spouses) for us. My father and I were able to take all the trophies on our hit list, and even a few that were not on the list. Now we have our second list ready to go!

I only wish that I had not waited as long for my first adventure, and we will definitely not wait as long for our second. What a team! Johan and Zelda are the definition of true professionals with a love of hunting and the outdoors. The planning has already started for our second “Once in a Life Time adventure”.


In September 2008, it was my distinct pleasure to hunt with Johan Pretorius in South Africa. As my first experience hunting in Africa, I cannot say enough how gracious a host and extremely skilled guide Johan was. I was immediately put at ease by his easy going manner, knowing I’ve just met a lifelong friend.

Johan’s knowledge of the game as well as the habitat and all other species made every day in the field an adventure as he filled you with information about the country. As a wildlife biologist, I was completely intrigued, and as a hunter astonished at the sheer numbers of game animals and opportunities to take a beautiful trophy. He is a first class hunter, and I had more opportunities in one day to take great trophies than I ever imagined possible.

As I think back on my experience, it is the humor, the joy, the absolute fun in camp that made this trip so special. The relaxed atmosphere; whether enjoying a drink by the fire, out spotting game, or watching the sun go down; was as enjoyable as the hunting itself thanks to the knowledge gained, the stories told, the laughter carrying through the night air. Johan is especially talented at reliving the days‘ hunts; putting his own twist on the events; something we should all be privileged to hear. His personality, attention to detail, professionalism and hunting skills combine to provide you with a safari experience that is unforgettable.

For me, a lifetime of memories in 10 days, and if you are thinking of hunting in South Africa, you won’t be disappointed with Johan Pretorius.

I know I will be back. Warm Wishes for a Most Memorable Hunt,

Becky Frey


I first met Johan Pretorius, the new owner of Ibamba Safari in October 2007 when he was my Professional Hunter (PH) on my first South African Safari with NB Safari. From the very first time we met, I was impressed with his great knowledge of every living creature that I would encounter on my safari. He took the time to understand me and what my desires, goals and expectations were and he looked for trophies that would met my goals, not just fill a quota. We saw hundreds of animals each day and Johan only chose the animals that he knew would meet my dream desires of a lifetime. At the end of my safari, I had collected 9 trophies that will forever be etched in my mind as well as my walls.

Being a avid hunter with 44 years of experience and very intense when I hunt, I was immediately impressed with his professionalism and his unending desire to meet my every goal and desire. When I went to South Africa on my hunt of a lifetime, I knew I was coming back by day 2 and I will be hunting with Johan on my next safari. We have become close friends as you will be when you take your “hunt of a lifetime” and the experience will always be something that you will never regret. If I can be of any assistance to anyone who is considering the hunt of their life, please feel free to contact me.

In addition to the hunting, do not hesitate to go on any of the photo safaris that are offered and do not hesitate to take along your significant other. My wife Suzi went with me and thoroughly enjoyed her photo safari and the wealth of wildlife that that she encountered. And last but far from the least, the food, lodging and hospitality that your will experience is untouched by any vacation spot in the world and is not to be missed. The one piece of advice that I can give to anyone who is considering a safari in South Africa is do not hesitate to go with Ibamba Safari and don’t wait too long as you want to have enough time left to go on your second safari.

Brad Conklin


We have had a little time to think about our trip and reflect back on the things we have seen and done. We just wanted you both to know what a wonderful time we had there in Africa and how much we enjoyed traveling with you. I can’t tell you enough how safe my family and I felt traveling along with you across South Africa,Botswana and Zimbabwe. You both are truly exceptional people and are true professionals in both the hunting and sight-seeing business. From all the border crossings as well as the private boat excursions,game drives and hunting we knew we were in goods hands. All the accommodations and food were just wonderful and exceeded our expectations. I can’t think of a single time that you or Zelda ever got up from the dinner table to get yourselves something that you didn’t ask if needed anything else to eat or drink. Even after all the miles we traveled sometimes in a single day and late at night the time you spent making sure a meal was prepared, snacks were made and a fire built you still put us first even at the end of the day. Your attention to detail and your knowledge of game animals and there tracks,birds,trees and the history of the people and Africa is something my family and I will always treasure. The way you handled Tristyn with all the questions an eight year old could possible ask and an answer for every one tells me everything I need to know about people like you. Both you and Zelda are welcome at our house anytime. You both will always be in our thoughts and prayers.

Your Friends,

Alan,Tracey and Tristyn Barton


Got home safely, what a long trip though. Had a terrific time with you guys and wanted to thank you for your hospitality and friendship. Please tell Mr. and Mrs. K hello.

Wish we were there still. Take care and please stay in touch,



I miss you guys already. Andy and I were so fortunate to have you as our outiftter. Thank you so much again for all that you did for us during our trip.

Andy and David


Hi Zelda,

Just wanted to let you know that we made it back safely to Oklahoma. I can’t thank you enough for your hospitality. We had such a wonderful time exploring South Africa with you and Johan and Klein Johan. When you are in Oklahoma, we hope you will visit us.



Hi Johan, Zelda and Little Johan,

We totally enjoyed every minute of our African adventure! It was such a pleasure to be with you and the hunting was beyond anything we could have imagined. And our time in Kruger was wonderful. Between Margaret, Wanda and me, we have over 3000 photos

Dankie vir ‘n wonderlike tyd

John and Margaret