We need the four following items from you for a booking to be confirmed:

  1. Copy of booked Itinerary as forwarded to you by the airline, confirming the booking for all in party. (Forward the e-mail please)
  2. Copy of picture page in passport for every person in your party. (Scan and email)
  3. Completed reservation forms for each in party. (Print, complete, scan and email)-Please find attached.
  4. Deposit of $1000/person in party. This stays your money and can be applied towards extra trophies hunted above what is included.

***Please Note***: Bear in mind, NO dates will be confirmed without receipt of the deposit. We can hold dates for a maximum of 10 days, thereafter you will stand to lose your dates.


  • Contact Johan Pretorius by e-mailing him at or phone him on +27-832-261-690 to schedule your African experience.
  • Email your reservation forms to Give as much information as possible.
  • Wire your deposit to Ibamba Safaris. (Wells Fargo, FNB (South Africa) or Paypal.)
  • Make sure your passport is in order, if you don’t have one, now is the time to get one!!!


  • Book your flight through a travel agent as the internet sometimes leave space for error.
  • Tell your travel agent that you will be travelling with weapons and ammo. Each airline has specific requirements in dealing with weapons and ammo for example weight and quantity.
  • Travel insurance is always a good thing to have for your trip to South Africa as well as Medical insurance in case of an unexpected emergency.
  • Fax or e-mail a copy of your flight itinerary to Ibamba Safaris. Colored copy of your passport.
  • A metal or solid gun case which is airline requirements.
  • Two weapons if possible, one for hunting and one for backup. Two different calibers per hunter.
  • Declare weapons at US customs at the airport on the required US4457 customs form, prior to check in.
  • A US customs form must be completed for any expensive equipment for example cameras, binoculars etc. and the form must be stamped by an official to prove that you didn’t purchase these items on your trip to Africa.
  • Prior to landing in South Africa a US customs form will be giving to you. This form asks for your destination and the info that can be used is MOKOPANE, LIMPOPO PROVINCE


On arrival in South Africa there is an option of a meet and assist company. This company assists you through customs and helps you with your rifle registration at the police station as well as on departure. We suggest using this company as it makes things a lot easier and faster. You can contact Henry Durheim @ An additional cost will be added in using this service. You can pay them directly.


To clear customs there is certain items that you will need:

  • Passport
  • South African Police form (SAPS520), with the required sections completed:
    – Section E 2.1-25.4
    – Section G 1-9.2
    – Section I 11.1-1.7 and 22.1 and 44.1-4.4
    – Section J 1-4
  • Copy of return ticket
  • Invitation letter from outfitter which will be in your package.
  • US4457 Customs form
  • If using the meet and assist company all of the above items can be given to the
    representative of the company upon arrival and he will take care of the rest. If you want to use this service contact Johan at Ibamba Safaris so that he can make the proper arrangements.
  • It is very important that you make notes of your personal medical information so that you have it with you in case of emergencies.
  • Attached in the package will be an example of US4457 customs form and the SAPS520 form


  • US Customs form 4457 is required for re-entry into the US with your firearm. This form is available only at a US Customs Office. This for must be acquired before departure.
  • Recommended firearms for hunting in South Africa:
    30-06 caliber or Larger
    – 180 Grain Bullets or heavier
    – Bolt action Rifle
  • If 2 firearms are carried, they must be of different calibers. Airlines require a heavy plastic or metal gun case for the transportation of firearms.
  • Ammunition must be in secure containers or factory boxes (they can’t be loosely packed). Ammunition can also not be packed in the same piece of luggage as the firearm.
  • The following firearms are prohibited and are NOT allowed entry into South Africa:
    – Any Fully Automatic weapon
    – Any Semi- Automatic weapon
    – Handguns
    – Military style/categorized weapons


  • Passport
  • Flight Itinerary/Confirmation Number
  • Binoculars (spotting scopes are not needed)
  • Two to three sets of hunting clothing in neutral colors. Lightweight and breathable are preferred. Long sleeves help prevent sunburn but can be rolled up and the safari style pants have the ability to zip off the lower leg and create shorts. (Laundry is done every Second day). Temperatures can vary from 30-75F
  • Two hunting hats (spare in case of rain, you’ll always have a dry one to wear)
  • Two pair of boots (same rationale as the hats, nobody likes hiking in wet boots)
  • Camera/video camera
  • Backpack
  • Extra room for Souvenirs!
  • Weapon(s) of choice and ammunition
  • Extra socks
  • Rain gear
  • Power Adaptor and Converter to charge electronics
  • Chargers for your electronics/phone
  • Extra batteries for anything you’re bringing
  • Reading material if you wanted to relax a little in the afternoon
  • Write down the “collect call” numbers on the back of any credit cards you’re bringing.
  • Sun block
  • Sunglasses
  • Prescription Medicine
  • Lip Balm (SPF 15+)
  • Bathroom Items


Electricity will be provided to recharge cameras, batteries or for the use of hair dryers etc. An adapter or voltage converter will be needed as we use 220volts. Radio shack will be a good place to ask for these electrical appliances.


  • Mastercard
  • Visa
  • No need to exchange Dollars for Rand.
  • No Cheques


  • Botswana and Victoria Falls
  • Kruger National Park
  • Mozambique fishing and island hopping
  • Panorama Route
  • Cape Town

For more information, ask Johan or Zelda for the specific sightseeing packages


This has been one of the most frequent queries as people naturally do not want to over-tip, but also do not want to insult staff by not tipping them a customary amount. we have created a resource that will help you find the tip amount that not only makes you feel comfortable, but also gives you peace of mind knowing you’re not shorting our hard working staff.

It is preferable for tips to be paid in Cash ($ or Rand), but you are also welcome to do the tips by credit card, keeping in mind that a 2.8% credit card fee will be charged.

Your Professional hunter would generally be tipped directly by you at the end of your safari. The rest of the staff which we have divided into categories, being Skinners and trackers, Chefs and Cleaning ladies can be tipped communally. We will provide you with a tipping sheet where you can specify and allocate the amounts you wish to tip.

Over the past year, a PH would generally be tipped an average of $150 per day and the rest of the staff $100 per day which will be divided between them. This of course is only an indication of the averages to give you an idea, but feel free to use your own discretion in this regard.


  • No changes or exchanges on donations hunts
  • No accumulation of credits
  • No combining of hunt donations
  • $1000 non-refundable deposit to be paid once safari dates are confirmed


Choosing a taxidermy is a serious decision. Ibamba Creations is a progressive South African Taxidermy company that specializes in delivering high quality trophies at realistic prices. We provide a complete, personalized taxidermy service and facilitate affordable shipping to worldwide destinations. A quick turnaround time, combined with quality workmanship and in-depth industry knowledge makes us the leader in our field.

Ibamba Creations-Where your African dream is treasured!


Thank you for the privilege of offering you (and your family) the experience of a lifetime by hosting you at our lodge from. Our responsibility, however, will continue until your trophies are safely processed, shipped and imported into the US.

In this regard, I would like to introduce you to our US Representative, Rosella Quartarone of Safari Specialty Importers. She and Robert are an extension of our Family and as your Personal Importer, they will manage entire process of handling of your trophies from the moment they leave our premises until they have been processed, shipped, cleared (through one of their 7 USFWL offices) and delivered your final destination. As your single point of contact, Safari Specialty Importers will obtain all necessary import permits in the US on your behalf as well as approve all export permits and provide you with consolidated shipping rates as added savings to transport your trophies home. You will always know the status of your trophies and this relief is the heart of the Safari Specialty Importers experience!

Please contact Rosella at least 3 months prior to your departure in order to get your Customs paperwork in place. This will also ensure that they will forward to us the proper information for your hunting permits that will ultimately be used by Nature Conservation to issue your export permits. You will enjoy their proactive approach of making sure that all is in order before your visit with us so that you can enjoy a stress free hunt and seamless transition of your trophies to the US.